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We take recruiting very seriously and are always looking for additional talent. If you are seeking a rewarding career in a friendly work environment, we invite you to consider our Firm. Almost all of our young(er) lawyers started their legal careers as law clerks with our firm. What more proof do you need?

Feel free to browse our currently open positions, and please e-mail us your resume at careers@derbycitylaw.com even if you do not see anything of interest as we would still like to hear from you.

Law Students

Although we do nationwide work for some of our clients, we are primarily a regional firm. As a result we tend to hire law students from regional schools (U of L, IU, and UK). Typically we hire only 1L law students as our 2Ls are returning law students from the previous summer. Academic performance and personality qualities are the two most important factors we consider in hiring our summer associates. Every law student we hire we hope stays onboard with us as an attorney, and we train you with that expectation in mind! One of our clerks referred to it as a "summer on the frontlines." Read about her experiences (PDF format, Adobe Acrobat Reader required), and please contact us for more information about our firm, training and opportunities.

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