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Business Disputes & Commercial Litigation

Experienced Commercial Litigation Attorneys

Disputes between businesses or among a company's principal stakeholders have the potential to financially drain an organization or tear it apart. The mishandling of a business dispute can result in the dissolution of the business.

The commercial litigation attorneys of Seiller Waterman LLC are committed to resolving commercial disputes as quickly as possible so that our clients can focus on business operations.

Our firm represents plaintiffs and defendants in business disputes, including:

We have successfully defended banks against claims of lender liability and tortious interference and also pursued the same claims against banks. We have defended businesses against minority shareholder claims and also filed such claims against businesses.

Because of our extensive experience representing clients on both sides of these issues, we know the arguments and tactics the opposition is likely to rely on in our clients' cases. This ability to analyze a case from the opposing viewpoint is key to our success.

Successful Trial Lawyers

The strength, knowledge and courtroom experience of our commercial litigation team gives clients the confidence to know that their attorneys can effectively resolve any business dispute, no matter how complex, and can take on any opponent, no matter how formidable.

While we are aggressive litigators, we recognize that resolving disputes outside of court is often the most practical approach. We make certain our clients understand when and why it may be in their best interests to settle a matter outside of the courtroom.

From our office in Louisville, the commercial litigation attorneys of Seiller Waterman LLC represent clients in Kentucky, southern Indiana, throughout the nation and around the world. To arrange a consultation with one of our lawyers, please call: 502-584-7400, or e-mail the firm.

To learn more about business disputes, please visit our Business Litigation practice page.

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