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Commercial Real Estate

Purchase, Sale and Leasing of Commercial Real Estate

Real estate is a unique subject and, because it is unique, it has spawned very unusual fact situations. No two situations are ever exactly alike.

We at Seiller Waterman LLC have been providing individuals and corporations with quality real estate service for many years. Our experience in this field provides our clients with the benefits of our experience in dealing with these complex legal situations.

Custom Solutions to Unique Problems

The problems and opportunities in each real estate transaction vary. We are sensitive to protecting our clients' needs in reviewing and negotiating contracts and leases, reviewing the status of title, exploring the benefits and burdens of land ownership, and providing preparation of closing documents with the necessary follow-up after closing.

Our commercial real estate attorneys represent landlords and tenants of all sizes from small tenants to national big box tenants, from small-strip-shopping-center landlords to large property owners.

With its diversified real estate practice, our firm spans all areas of the real estate industry, including real estate acquisitions, finance, development, leasing, operations, joint ventures and partnerships.

A Single Source for Comprehensive Representation

The firm's integration of real estate expertise, along with mergers and acquisitions, sets it apart from other real estate groups. This capability provides a single source for advice for the institutional and individual investor or lender seeking counsel on complex real estate and related issues.

Clients seek out our real estate practice group for counsel on:

Whether you need an attorney to negotiate a commercial lease or property purchase agreement, to defer the capital gains tax on the sale of a commercial property or to assist you in the real estate issues related to a business merger or acquisition, you can depend on Seiller Waterman LLC.

From our office in Louisville, the commercial real estate attorneys of Seiller Waterman LLC represent clients in Kentucky, southern Indiana, throughout the nation and around the world. To arrange a consultation with one of our lawyers, please call toll free: 866-863-6006, or e-mail the firm.

To learn more, please visit our Commercial Real Estate Practice Page.

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