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Corporate Governance

Seiller Waterman lawyers were on the forefront of this issue in Kentucky by establishing a legal precedent in the landmark Kentucky decision Steelvest, Inc. v. Scansteel Service Center, Inc., Ky., 807 S.W. 2d 476 (1991).

The Seiller Waterman Corporate Governance practice area combines professionals from our corporate and litigation teams. This collaboration provides a comprehensive view and integrates advice regarding the governance of public or private companies, including the evolving responsibilities of their directors and senior management. This group's experience spans a range of corporate governance issues, including:

This practice group advises clients in many industries: arts, banking, media, automotive, cable and telecommunications, consumer products, restaurants, travel, beverage/spirits, energy, healthcare, manufacturing, engineering, construction, real estate, retail, steel, and textile, among others.

Attorneys Joseph H. Cohen, Irwin G. Waterman and Robert V. Waterman were recently named "Top Lawyers" in Corporate Law in Louisville Magazine's March 2008 edition. The Top Lawyers were picked by their peers.

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