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The intellectual property attorneys at Seiller Waterman recognize that every business has valuable intellectual property assets-copyrights, trademarks, trade dress, patents, trade secrets and domain names--that require maintenance and protection. We guide new and established businesses through intellectual property registrations and portfolio management to fully identify their intellectual property holdings. We teach our clients to recognize intellectual property and to seek its protection before untimely disclosure which may cause that property to be lost.

Through registration, litigation and contractual drafting, the attorneys at Seiller Waterman help our clients enhance and protect their goodwill and market positions, and fend off competitors who would unfairly compete through unauthorized duplication or simulation of our clients' products, services and marketing. We use contracts and documentation so that our clients can own and license the intellectual property rights in which they have invested research, development and capital. Using proper licensing and merchandising tools, we help our clients delineate business alliances and distribution channels and methods, create franchise relationships, license the manufacture and development of collateral products and enhance the marketability of an idea, expression or invention.

We make it a point to understand the business arenas in which our clients operate, the competition that our clients face, and the regulatory environments in which they must conduct their business. We are aggressive advocates of our clients' rights when litigation is necessary to protect their intellectual property. We have represented plaintiffs and defendants in complex cases involving copyrights, trademarks, trade dress, trade secrets, and patents, and contractual, commercial and employment disputes.

The intellectual property team at Seiller Waterman is particularly sensitive to the needs of individual creators and business proprietors. We represent a broad cross section of individuals and entities engaged in the creative enterprises including art, entertainment, media and publishing. We are experienced in working for and with sculptors, illustrators, painters and textile artists, actors and theatre companies, musicians and talent managers, writers and publishers, software and media developers, web designers and hosts, filmmakers and broadcasters, event and concert producers and promoters, venue managers, advertising and marketing firms. We pride ourselves on being able to assist our clients through all stages of the life of their businesses and their creations-including by preparing their estates for smooth transition of ownership.

Our intellectual property and entertainment practices is interconnected around the world through Legal Netlink Alliance, an international network of carefully selected, independent law firms. This worldwide reach, combined with extensive experience, allows us to serve our clients in complex industries that are increasingly reliant on cross-border transactions, and frequently, subject to regulations in multiple jurisdictions.

Our IP practice works in the US and internationally and includes:

From our office in Louisville, the intellectual property and entertainment attorneys of Seiller Waterman LLC represent clients in Kentucky, southern Indiana, throughout the nation and around the world. To arrange a consultation with one of our lawyers, please call: 502-584-7400, or e-mail the firm.

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