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Applying for disability benefits from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) can be a long, complicated process. No matter how valid your claim, it can be denied due to technicalities at any stage. Selecting an attorney to fight for your rights is an important decision. The Veterans Group of Seiller Waterman LLC is comprised of a team of attorneys that are also veterans that have been through the VA disability process and understand what you are going through. Our full service VA team specializes in Veterans Law and has the knowledge, resources and passion to fight for the rights you are entitled to after serving our country.

Once a claim for benefits has been denied, or you disagree with the disability rating the VA has awarded, then the Veterans Group at Seiller Waterman LLC can begin fighting for you.

While a lawyer cannot guarantee the outcome of any particular case, the Veterans Group will work hard to determine why your claim was denied and help you appeal your claim. Our team will help navigate the process, gather evidence, gather expert medical opinions to support your claim, file briefs, and so much more.

Our VA team is not limited by state. Our attorneys can handle claims throughout the United States. Our Veterans Group will be by your side, fighting for the rights you earned and are entitled to.

The Veterans Group also represents your interest when you have been wrongfully discharged or the characterization of your discharge has been recorded improperly.

From our office in Louisville, the Veterans Law Group attorneys of Seiller Waterman LLC represent clients in Kentucky, southern Indiana, throughout the nation. To arrange a consultation with one of our lawyers, please call: 502-584-7400, or e-mail the firm.

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