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4.3 stars | 15 reviews
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A Legal Partner in Business Transactions

In our long history as corporate and business law attorneys, we have served businesses from their startup days until the end of their operations. Our experience assisting businesses large and small allows us to help with everything from everyday operations to major business reorganization procedures. Our lawyers specialize in mergers and acquisitions and have represented clients from almost all sides of transactions—purchasers, sellers, lenders, financial advisors, and more.

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Our Business and Corporate Law Services Include:

Offering Guidance in Corporate Governance

In 1991, Seiller Waterman LLC attorneys won a landmark Kentucky case called Steelvest, Inc. v. Scansteel Service Center, Inc., Ky., 807 S.W. 2d 476 (1991). This case establishes legal precedent about governing public and private companies and outlines the duties of senior management and directors.

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To ensure that your company is complying with the Steelvest ruling, why not ask the attorneys who fought for it? Our law firm established a Corporate Governance in-house team that consists of lawyers working in our litigation and corporate law practice areas.

We Advise in the Following Areas:

  • Complying with rules for governance for boards of directors
  • Modifying or establishing governance documents to comply with the current best practices
  • Conducting internal investigations into compliance 

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4.3 stars | 15 reviews
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