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4.3 stars | 15 reviews
Employment Law
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Finding Justice in Employment Law

Working with Employers

Many of our clients struggle with learning the ins and outs of business law and turn to us to be their guide. Seiller Waterman LLC’s team of experienced employment law attorneys advises business owners on hiring, firing, overtime pay, contracts, and more. Our recommendations help business owners avoid the costly expenses of future litigation.

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Working with Employees

Not every employer provides a fair and honest workplace, and our attorneys understand that. To that end, we offer our assistance in litigation involving workplace discrimination, harassment, and more. Because we have experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants, we know the strategies that the other side may be using. Our team can put that knowledge to work for you.

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To ensure that your company is complying with the Steelvest ruling, why not ask the attorneys who fought for it? Our law firm established a Corporate Governance in-house team that consists of lawyers working in our litigation and corporate law practice areas.

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4.3 stars | 15 reviews
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