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4.3 stars | 15 reviews
Real Estate Law
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Offering Years of Proficiency in Real Estate Law

No two properties are exactly alike, and no two real estate cases are exactly alike. As a result, real estate law is a complex and multifaceted practice area that requires highly specialized knowledge. Seiller Waterman LLC lawyers have that knowledge. We have worked flexibly with landlords and tenants of all kinds and with properties of all sizes. Our attorneys have diversified experience in all areas of real estate, including development, finance, leasing & construction, and more.

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We Have Worked With:

Commercial Real Estate Law

From large office buildings to strip malls and more, Seiller Waterman LLC’s lawyers have assisted with all facets of commercial real estate property law. Commercial real estate often involves complicated legal procedures involving mergers & acquisitions, zoning, finance, and more. Our lawyers protect your needs by providing fair and honest legal advice and reviews when handling commercial real estate cases.

Our Experience Includes:

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Land Use and Development

Developing land for real estate often involves flexible negotiation between several parties, including the developers, the government, environmental groups, and more. No matter where your interests in land use lie, rest assured that our lawyers can represent you fairly. With thoughtful analysis and innovative problem-solving, we provide solutions to issues in zoning, environmental permitting, eminent domain, and more.

Our Land Use and Development Experience Includes:

  • Residential and commercial property development
  • Special use and conditional permits
  • Zoning compliance (e.g., zoning violations, fire code violations, building code, and other municipal code compliance and property maintenance/appearance issues)
  • Zoning appeals
  • Requests for a zoning variance
  • Application for lot consolidations, lot line adjustments, and housing tracks
  • Site development
  • Environmental permitting, regulation, and compliance issues

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4.3 stars | 15 reviews
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